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Hotrod Ponce the Bilingual Actor, Presenter, Screenwriter, Hardcore Guerrilla Style Film Producer, Stuntman,  International Businessman & Showman!

Ponce starring in the Ultimate Rally movie

If you're a fan of Fast & Furious and Miami Vice you'll notice a less than subtle nod to the dramatic scenes from these series but in THE ULTIMATE RALLY it's all for REAL!  Check out Hotrod Ponce's first indie action adventure documentary style film that he wrote and directed that debut in January 2018.  Unlike other hollywood movies with practiced scenes and a real film crew, this film features Ponce's real friends, family and elite private contacts.  The story is adapted from his real life  adventures in Norway, USA, Mexico and Belize filmed with no permissions in an uncontrolled environment. The Ultimate Rally movie won Best First Time Director in Los Angeles, and nominated for Best Documentart, Best B Movie, and Best First Time Director in London and the UK in 2018. Ponce is the first Mexican American to ever successfully survive various different motor sports in several countries on a shoe string budget since 2002.

The Ultimate Rally premiere in the UK & USA
Directed, filmed, and written by José Manuel Ponce

The Ultimate Rally from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

Director Hotrod Ponce of The Ultimate Rally movie
Wins Best First Time Director Award at the Global Film Festival Awards in LA Feb 2018


First Time Filmmaker Hotrod Ponce
wins Best First Time Director at the Global Film Festival in LA Feb 2018

The Ultimate Rally movie 2018
A guerrilla-style movie filmed without any permissions. Created by Hotrod Ponce.

Ponce the Minority Racer plays a Drug Lord in Gatwick Gangsters Film

Jose Manuel “Hotrod” Ponce has been playing low key in the racing scene and working on restoring classic vehicles while continuing his secret racing project in Norway and Europe. His private elite partners in Mexico referred him to an opportunity to show his acting talent in an action packed international gangster film under production in the UK.

In 2011, Ponce was discovered by Discovery Channel International UK for being the first and only true under dog who figured out a way to race multiple motor sports without having any personal funds, tools or even a race vehicle at times. This Mexican has managed to race world class events in the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, and Norway. He was the first Hispanic to ever compete and finish extreme off road races such as UROC Supercrawl, King of the Hammers, Nordic and Euro Trial in Scandinavia, WRC Mexico, German Offroad Masters 24 Hr Nurburgring Offroad Race, without any prior racing experience in those motor sports. Ponce's racing career began back in 2002, before that he was and continues to do various international business projects with his private partners located in various parts of the world. Still til this day Ponce wont reveal how he pulled many of his accomplishments. But he dedicates everything to his younger brother and all the Minority Racers that are out there. “There will be always be adversity as an underdog, but no matter what happens don't ever let anyone take away your Bongo and you will survive! Ponce commented”

Ponce recently returned to the UK to play the role of José de Jesús aka the Mano Negra (Black Hand) of the CF6 (Caja Fuerte Cartel which translates to the Safe Box Crew who handle the funds for crime organizations all over the globe). His character is an educated ghost like business man with many contacts who call him the Mano Negra because as a kid he burned his finger prints to prove his loyalty to his partners, he wears black gloves and only shakes hands with his crew and family. His crew of Sicarios (Hit Men) are played by actors Neil Smith, AJ Singh, and Jon Baile in this final scene that ends the first film and introduces the Mexican cartel to the plot.

This spectacular new film stars real UK gangsters such as the infamous Dave Courtney who has appeared in many films such as the Dead Sleep Easy filmed in Mexico and Full English Breakfast filmed in the UK to name a few.  Dave is also an author and written six books. “Working with Dave is fantastic, especially because Dave is a real gangster and not plastic, a true celeb gangster who has worked very hard and respected by many. Ponce commented.”

The film is written and directed by actress Sally Clack aka Shampagne, John Clack, and David Manning. Sally also stars as one of the main actors in the films. Their concept about this 9 film project involves gangsters from all over the globe such as the Russian Mob, Asian and Jamaican Gangs, Dubai Sheikhs, and now the Mexican Cartel.  Future filming will be done in places where the real crime occurs, no other film company or news media has ever dared to work in these locations due to the danger and remote environment. Some future locations include Southern Norway and Mexico.

Ponce is very excited about this new venture and is ready for some action.  He is really looking forward to the upcoming driving scenes that range from drifting a limo, racing thru the desert, out running police and military.  Not to mention all the music and fiestas that exist in the real cartel gangster lifestyle where there are no limits. So you can bet that he will most definitely be promoting his race partners that have helped him from the start.  Tecate Beer, Casanova Automotive Inc, and Scorpion Mezcal have already agreed to jump on board!

I grew up in a really tough world as a kid and always had to bust some balls to get what I wanted, nothing was easy. Let's just say that I have been in some sticky situations in Mexico that came out straight out of some gangster film, but I prefer not to talk about it, but what I can say is that this role is something that I can relate to very well. Thank you Sally and Dave and the rest of the crew for this opportunity, having a Mexican on your production is a smart investment and will open new markets especially to Hispanics who are the fastest growing population in the USA. I would also like to thank KC HiLites, PRP Seats, FOA Shocks, Raceline Wheels, Master Pull, Dynomax, Tom Woods Drive Shafts, InVisid Motorsports, Auplex BBQ Grills, Gulf Coast Crawl Shop, Brave Motorsports, Team WERK1, BBQ Kings, My Lucas Oil, IRC Tracking, Moods Of Norway, Quatermile Graphics, Guayacan Ranch, Asash Pest Control, Pronto Mufflers, Come Up Winches, Latination Tv, JAB Tuning of Norway, Taller PEP Auto, Casanova Trans, Tecate Beer, Scorpion Mezcal, friends and family y toda la raza de Mexico. Its showtime! Bongo!” commented Ponce.

Ponce interviewed by 4x4 Offroads - August 2014
Click to read article

2014 ° Ponce gets contracted to play the role of José de Jesús alias la Mano Negra, Leader of the Mexican Cartel CF6 in the new Gatwick Gangster Film under production in the UK. 

Jose Manuel "Hotrod" Ponce enters the movie world
Ponce the Underdog Racer/ Showman/ Philanthropist/ Entreprenuer/ Optimist

2012 ° Ponce gets contacted by Discovery Channel International to be a co-presenter in a new TV show.

Discovery Channel International Casting July 2012
Ponce contracted for a cool new show on Discovery Channel International

2011 ° Discovered and contacted by a UK TV firm to cast for a new extreme off road auto show on Discovery Channel International.

Discovery Channel International Casting Oct 2011
Ponce gets discovered by Discovery Channel UK and casts for a new show.

Jose Manuel Ponce aka Hotrod Ponce
Race Car Driver / Actor / International Business Man / Filmmaker

Ponce is a self taught Mexican race car driver & innovative showman who has achieved considerable success on the racing circuit at some of the world’s major races & personal explorations in the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany & Norway. He remains the only Mexican American to ever race & finish in various motor sports without any previous experience or special training. These accomplishments resulted in Discovery Channel International contacting him, to cast for some new TV shows, as well as getting contacted by a CNN TV Producer about appearing on a new TV series about Minorities in Motor sports. He is part Purhépecha (Tarascan) Indian with incredible people skills, capable of adapting to any environments and situations. His multitasking skills and unique international character make him a very marketable tool in the entertainment world. He is the putty that is ready to be molded into any role for almost any project to deliver a clear depiction of the unfolding events in your story.

Ponce is an educated international business man who knows all the in and outs of import/export with an addiction to race world class televised motor sports in order to prove that using your brain is a better investment than using your wallet. Ponce likes to run his own show and is picky about who he deals with. He is a great guy to have on your team for sure to get you out of a pickle with his elite contacts and experience. The real Mexican Tony Montana, without the theatrics! One of a kind!

He has appeared in several TV Shows covering Motorsports, as well as televised interviews in Mexico from 2005-2010 to discuss why and how he introduced the extreme motor sports of professional rock crawling and rock racing into Mexico, as well as how to race and finish the WRC Mexico without any previous rally experience. These aired in Central Mexico and on Direct TV in the USA and Canada.

Interviewed by Globe TV in Venezuela for being the first Mexican American to ever race and finish an off road event in 2009.

Appeared in the King of the Hammers movies "First Crusade" in 2009, "Second Crusade" in 2010, "Anarchy" in 2011 as the first and only Mexican American racing this world class motor sport during that time period.

Appeared in the short documentary film by Brainstorm TV in Germany for being the first Mexican American to ever race and finish the German Off Road Masters 24 Hours race in 2012.

Contacted by a CNN TV producer to appear in an upcoming TV Series about Minorities in Motorsports that debuts in 2013 on Speed Channel.

Appeared in the Dirt Live Show when interviewed twice for being the first Mexican American rally driver to race and represent Norway at the Baja 250 2013. The interview was done in both English and Spanish.

Press release in Mexico * The Ultimate Rally movie
December 2014

The Ultimate Rally Movie starring Hotrod Ponce
Click the image to see more about this Documentary Adventure Racing Film

Planet Ultimate Rally Film Project Europe 2013
Click the image to see teasers of the Ultimate Rally movie

Planet Ultimate Rally Film Project * Norway 2014
Click the image to see more about the Ultimate Rally Movie

WRC Mexico 2010
José Manuel Ponce & Bill Bridge

Ponce, Dave Courtney, Neil Smith and Neil Grant
Ponce stars as a Mexican Cartel Boss in the Gatwick Gangsters Film

Ponce and Dave Courtney in Gatwick Gangsters
July 2014 - Gatwick, UK

Hotrod Ponce filming in the UK 2014
Ponce stars as a Mexican Cartel Boss in the Gatwick Gangsters Film

The Ultimate Rally movie premeire in London
The Ultimate Rally movie selected for Best Feature at the Romford Festival in London May 2018

First Mexican to Finish the King of the Hammers
Primer y unico Mexicano en terminar el KOH * USA 2011

Ponce gets discovered Discovery Channel 2011

Ponce takes on the Ultimate Rally Film
Click here to news and updates on Ponce's adventures

The Power of the Bongo!
The true meaning and usage of the word Bongo by Hotrod Ponce

Dale con todo Bongo!

Life is the Ultimate Rally - How to make things happen - Push it to the Limit from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

Jose Manuel "Hotrod" Ponce the International Businessman / Promoter / Drifter / Race Car Driver enters the Movie World to start his acting career.


Racing World Class Events! 
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